My passion and focus is using technology to enable business

Professionally, I find the seam between the capabilities of technology and the goals of business; turning technology from compulsory to complimentary, enabling businesses to grow efficiently and securely. I guess I like building websites as a hobby too. Personally I'm a father of 4, a pee-wee football coach, and a husband. Being from Philly of course I'm an Eagles fan for life, and a pro football junkie. #GoEagles


What I do.

I partner with individuals to create breakthrough outcomes using efficient & effective technologies.

Innovative Change Agent

I help teams, other executives, and board members think differently about technology, and help leaders embrace the idea of operating their disciplines in a secure fashion.

Technologist & Practitioner

I leverage over 23 years of experience as a technologist & practitioner to share knowledge on the intersections between technology, security, people, and innovation.

Business Partner

Technology is effective when it is secure. Security's main pillar is partnership. I drive partnership across disciplines, translating technological capability into secure business outcomes.


Shared experiences from a practitioner of Technology & Cyber Security using a conversational style.

I haven't written any books (yet), have never run a company, no venture backing, no Ivy League education...instead I've run technology organizations as a manager at 22, a director at 25, and a CTO at 29. I've held CIO, CTO, and CISO roles in companies ranging from venture-backed startups to $50B+ global corporations. I speak from direct experience; leading people to innovate, inspiring organizations to transform, and developing technologies that inspire and enable growth and success not just in technology but with people at the center. I engage with audiences through a conversational style that leaves them informed and inspired to deliver their own breakthrough outcomes in their companies.


Thought Leadership

Leaders are often the difference between teams making good decisions and teams making great decisions with lasting impact to a company. Over the years I have developed ideas born from failures and successes, and share those ideas with my teams, my peers in the industry, and others interested in gaining a different perspective. My opinions are my own and not necessarily associated with or shared by any company or organization I work with.

Don't start with Technology

Digital Transformation

Planning is the cornerstone of any successful endeavor. Whether you are changing a business process or building a piece of furniture from Wayfair, a clear plan is key to reaching...

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Don't fear Automation

Digital Transformation

It’s 2020, and we’re not driving flying cars yet. We are, however, embracing new technological advancements at home and in the office. Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa, the omnipresent cloud, and...

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Paper is always less secure

Digitial Transformation

Hackers. Data breaches. DDoS attacks. Phishing. Just hearing these words can put IT managers on edge. And given how often you hear about data breaches in the news, it stands to reason...

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CCPA can be good for business

Regulatory Compliance

Planning is the cornerstone of any successful endeavor. Whether you are changing a business process or building a piece of furniture from Wayfair, a clear plan is key to...

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High performing teams are...


Lots of people define a high performing team as a team that is (a) tight knit, (b) laser focused, and (c) has supportive processes that enable any member to breakthrough barriers to achieve a goal...

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I am currently available for speaking engagements, board service, and am always interested in hearing about new opportunities, innovations, and ideas. Feel free to contact me any time to discuss options. 
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