Videos & Presentations

Thank you again for visiting my site and taking the time to learn more about me as a technologist, a security practitioner, a speaker and an executive leader. If you have any questions or just want to chat, please feel free to reach out!

Introductory Video

I created this video to share my thoughts on digital transformation and building a secure culture that is aligned to the workstyles of individuals and not just technology. 

This was fun to create. I used Adobe Spark and Powerlink Director software to make it.

Panel Discussion

Video from a 2019 GDS conference where I was on a panel discussing security culture and the challenges modern businesses face when it comes to cyber security. I also presented a morning keynote the following day.


Sarasota, FL

Technology Industry-Focused

450+ Senior Executives

Session Keynote

I presented this keynote on building intelligence models to improve cyber security to a room full of cyber security engineers and practitioners from various industries. 


Miami, FL

Cyber Security Industry-Focused

100+ Security Practitioners/Engineers

Session Presentation

I presented this session on Best Practices for Cloud implementation to a group of CISOs and CIOs from various industries who had identified themselves as ready to transition to cloud services in their businesses.


Las Vegas, NV

Executive Technology-Industry Focused

80+ Technology Executives

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